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New: ‘Golden Duchess’ Eastern Hemlock

Enjoy an attractive conifer that grows well in low light conditions, and will not overwhelm smaller landscapes. Introducing ‘Golden Duchess’ eastern hemlock, a dwarf shrub matures at just 3-4’ tall and 3-5’ wide. You will love the striking golden-yellow foliage on arching branches that brings a burst of golden sunshine to any landscape.

This low growing mounding form is happiest in a full shade to partial sun location. The more afternoon shade the happier she will be. ‘Golden Duchess’ would make a stunning addition to a container, planted with seasonal color like pansies and dramatic trailing ground cover like ivy, wire vine, or lamium.  The fine textured foliage of ‘Golden Duchess’ is striking when contrasted with bold leaved perennials such as brunnera or bergenia.

‘Golden Duchess’ likes well drained, evenly moist soil.



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