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New! ‘Crownshine’

Diminutive, glossy and durable leaves make Osmanthus ‘Crownshine’ a wonderful addition to the garden. Osmanthus are called false holly, because their leaves often feature the pointy edges of true holly plants (Ilex).

This winter we are excited to share with you a new variety Osmanthus ‘Crownshine’. In early spring white fragrant flowers open, sending a lovely sweet scent across the garden. Soon thereafter new leaves shine forth in bright green tones, maturing to dark green.

Plant ‘Crownshine’ in full or partial sun as a foundation planting, or near the front entry to enjoy their fragrance. They also can be used as an informal or formal (regularly clipped) hedge. This evergreen shrub responds well to pruning and slowly reaches 5’ tall by 4’ wide if not trimmed, making it ideal for a smaller garden. Osmanthus are never bothered by deer and are particularly disease and insect resistant. Come enjoy meeting ‘Crownshine’ at Squak Mt. today.

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