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New Crocus: Orange Monarch

Bursting forth in vibrant color, crocus delight us early each year when their diminutive flowers.  An eye catching new color choice of this cheerful bulb is the ‘Orange Monarch’, named for the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. The unique shade of orange makes this crocus special.  Outer petals are veined black, just like it’s namesake. Consider planting ‘Orange Monarch’ around the perimeter of a winter container containing daphne, vanilla scented sarcococca, and winter blooming heather. The crocus will pop their cheerful heads up to announce that spring is coming.

Crocus, and other spring blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths need to be planted in the fall. September is a great month to do that. Simply dig a hole that is 3-4” deep, drop your bulb in root side down with a tablespoon of good organic fertilizer (Hendrikus Organics Bouquet), and cover it up. Easy! Bulbs work great in mixed containers, as a border or backdrop of a garden landscape, in rock gardens, or planted under trees.  As spring comes, happy surprises will be popping up all over your garden.  O Happy Day!


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