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‘New Baby’ Jonquil



In the garden, as winter gives way to spring and the first daffodils begin to push through the soil, we get excited for brighter, sunnier, warmer days. Squak Mt. is excited to introduce an adorable ‘New Baby’ daffodil which is certain to bring cheer to that expectant season.  This variety is a cultivar of Jonquilla daffodils, featuring wonderful fragrance and petite bloom sizes.


‘New Baby’ is a mid-spring bloomer featuring tiny trumpet shaped white petals and a dark yellow bowl. This darling daffodil stands up well in inclement weather (and we get plenty of that in the spring), is deer resistant, and naturalizes easily.  Plant ‘New Baby’ in containers or the ground, and enjoy wonderful fragrance and color in spring.


New Baby Jonquil

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