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New: 2 Downton Abbey Roses

Add two more of the lovely Downton Abbey Roses to your garden this year. These two roses honor Lady Violet, The Dowager Countess of Grantham and Lady Edith Crawley and her daughter Marigold. These roses exhibit the charm and strength of character of these two ladies of Downton Abbey.

Exquisite, spiraled, fully double, lavender blooms with a heart shaped magenta center are featured on ‘Violet’s Pride’. This floribunda is a prolific bloomer with a commanding, strong fragrance of grapefruit, fruit and hints of spice that will capture your attention. ‘Violet’s Pride’ is a vigorous rose with leaves that are dense and less susceptible to disease. She has a rounded growth habit around 3’ tall. In your garden, Violet’s Pride will pair beautifully with the deep magenta pink of last year’s Downton Abbey Rose, ‘Pretty Lady’ Rose.










‘Edith’s Darling’ is a short compact shrub rose that will fill a container beautifully or fit into your small garden spaces. Her full petaled, soft, old fashioned flowers are a warm apricot gold that hold their color. The strong, fresh cut apple fragrance has a fruity perfume. ‘Edith’s Darling’ flowers heavily and will be perfect for cutting, while leaving flowers to enjoy in the garden. The golden petals blushed with pink of ‘Anna’s Promise’, the first Downton Abbey Rose, will partner perfectly with the apricot gold tones of Edith’s Darling.











All of our roses are here and available for purchase with $3.00 off during our Early Bird Special for the month of February. We recommend that you plant your roses in full sun of 6 hours or more. Roses benefit from deep watering when the top 4” of soil is dry. Regular feeding with our Hendrikus Organics’  fertilizer in March, May and July is essential to promote their health and flowering.  Visit us today and meet the latest ladies from the manor.




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