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At Squak Mt Nursery we love our roses! Our rose selection is the best in the Seattle area, specifically chosen for hardiness in our maritime climate, bloom count, fragrance and color. When the roses come to us bare-root at the end of January, each plant is expertly pruned. Next organic rose fertilizer and mycorrhizae is applied to each rose as they are planted in our fiber (recycled paper) pots .


This spring we are featuring one of our favorite roses from the David Austin collection, ‘Molineux’. Featuring rich yellow flowers, this English rose is praised for its healthy foliage and exceptionally long bloom period. Molineux’s upright, compact growth habit, at only 3’ tall and 2’ wide makes it ideal for a container or small landscape. A lovely musk tea fragrance adds charm to this gorgeous rose.


A prolific bloomer, we once counted over 50 buds on a Molineux tree rose here at Squak Mt Nursery. Imagine those blooms in your garden!



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