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March 24 – store update!

In accordance with the state’s directives, we have temporarily closed our retail store.

Parking lot pick-up: We are filling orders via parking lot pickup. Here is the current procedure!

Please email us at orders@squakmtnursery.com OR place your order at our online shop: shop.squakmtnursery.com.

We will reply via email typically.

After payment we will place your order in the parking lot for you to come and pickup the same day.

Thank you for your patience as we adapt and find ways to serve our community best!



  1. Julia Duin

    You guys are considered to be part of agriculture and food production; therefore you can be open to customers just like the outdoor food markets are. Left you a voicemail yesterday but got no response. A lot of us will want to start planting herbs starting next week (again, food production that’s allowed to be open) and it’d be nice to pick our own plants.

  2. Margaret Zieske

    When all the little plants are ready, how about drive by baskets . Make the beautiful baskets you always do, display them in the parking lot, let people pick one out, pay and drive home with a lovely basket. Social distancing stays
    Intact, plants in the greenhouse get used and everyone is happy. Just a suggestion. I’ve been thinking about all the beautiful annuals coming out soon and the store being closed.

  3. mattp

    Julia, Thanks for the note. We are hoping the retail store (newly configured!) can reopen April 7th. Until then please let our staff be a “personal shopper for you”! We feel this is the best way forward for our community.

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