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Many of you come in asking for low growing groundcovers that are easy to maintain and have year round interest. Fresh to our groundcover family this fall is a new introduction in the vaccinium family. ‘Lo Hugger’, commonly known as American Cranberry, is literally low growing, hugging the ground in a creeping mass of beauty,  The dark green foliage is accompanied by pink flowers in the spring. In autumn, the green leaves change to red-bronze hues. Adding even more beauty to this charmer, are the edible small red fruit that lasts into the winter.


‘Lo Hugger’ also is appreciated for its ease of care. This ground cover will grow nearly anywhere, from full sun to part shade; in wet or dry soil. What could be better than that? ‘Lo Hugger’ grows fast and at its maturity will only be 4-6” high and 36” wide. 












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