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‘Limoncello’ Barberry

Brighten our seemingly perpetually gray springs with bursts of bright color in your landscape. Colors like chartreuse and yellow bring a little bit of sunshine on those Eeyore gray days. Our new introduction of ‘Limoncello’ barberry will lift your spirits with its vibrant tones.

Preferring full sun, tidy, compact, rounded growth habit of ‘Limoncello’ reaches only 3-4’ in height and width. Leaves in spring and summer are a striking chartreuse color with a unique spotted red margin.  Unlike some gold barberries, ‘Limoncello’ foliage will not burn in the sun.  In the fall, the foliage becomes quite dramatic, bouncing into the season with bursts of orange, yellow, and red, just like Tigger.

‘Limoncello’ is a wonderful accent plant in the landscape, or in a container. For added drama try pairing it with a dark leafed plant such as ‘Little Devil’ ninebark.   Deer resistant, cold hardy and maintenance free make will make this a favorite shrub for years to come.




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