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Kosmic Kale!

Kosmic Kale!

Harvest delicious crops nearly year round when you plant ‘Kosmic Kale’ in your garden. An introduction from the Netherlands, ‘Kosmic Kale’ is a tender perennial in our area, surviving temperatures to 10°F. This unique variety grows in an upright shape to 18-24” tall and produces an ongoing harvest. Unlike other kale varieties that go to seed after the first season, ‘Kosmic Kale’ does not, and puts all its energy into forming new leaves. Simply snip off a few leaves at a time to add to your salads or garnishments and allow the remaining leaves to provide energy for further plant growth. The blue-green leaves edged in creamy white have a tasty sweet kale taste. You can successfully grow kale in full or partial sun locations.

Our Squak Mt grown crop of ‘Kosmic Kale’ will be mature and available for purchase around April 7th. Mid-March through April is the ideal time to start planting cool season vegetable starts outdoors in our area. In addition to kale, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and other leafy greens thrive with the cool temperatures of early spring.

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