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Keep Up on your Watering!

Summer has arrived in Seattle in full force. Sunny, warm days with the barometer creeping up to the low 80’s means one thing for your garden. Watering! To keep plants happy, thriving and blooming all summer water regularly. Bigger plantings can be watered with a soaker hose that is either set on a timer or put on a long, slow drip for at least an hour. The roots want a drink, especially newly planted shrubs, roses, perennials, ornamental grasses, or trees.

A good rule of thumb. Water everything in your yard at least three times a week. If it is really hot stick your finger in the soil, if it is dry, water again.

If you have containers, hanging baskets, or super pots water well at least three times a week. A good rule of thumb: When water is a steady stream out the bottom it has enough water. To promote all summer bloom of your summer annuals we suggest buying a container of 20-20-20 water soluble plant food. We sell it here at Squak Mt and use it in our super pots hanging around our property once a week. We recommend this product because it dissolves in water and does not burn your plants.

So to make your garden bloom and thrive all summer water….lots. And if you have kids get them to help with the watering. What kid doesn’t like playing with the hose and starting a water fight? After everything has had a drink of course. 🙂


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