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‘Jowey Hubert’ Dahlias

Vibrant, warm color tones make the ‘Jowey Hubert’ dahlia is a perfect bloom to celebrate summer. This summer blooming bulb features double petal blooms that are 5” in diameter, in a lovely lemon yellow with a red-orange center. As the season continues, each petal become an even more pronounced red-orange. By the end of its metamorphosis, only the edges will be tinged lemon yellow, with the majority of the petal reflecting the colors of a late summer sunset.

Plant dahlia tubers in full sun, and well-drained soil. ‘Jowey Hubert’ will grow 18-24” tall, making it a good candidate for growing in a large container or the landscape. Like most dahlias and other summer blooming bulbs, Hubert makes a long-lasting cut flower, and is the highlight of seasonal bouquets.

Lifting dahlia bulbs at the end of the season is a great way to enjoy your dahlias year after year. Once they die back in October, cut off the old growth and lift the tuber from the ground or container. Let the surface of tubers dry and then nestle in sawdust. Store in a cool, dry place for planting again the next spring! We have a great selection of summer bulbs for you, including a myriad of dahlia varieties, begonia tubers, lilies and more!

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