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In Our Greenhouses: Early January 2015

For almost 40 years Squak Mt Nursery has been ‘Growing Local’! We grow  our own crops of summer annuals, pansies, primroses, ornamental cabbage and kale, poinsettias and much more.

Today we are the only retail garden center that grows crops of plants (!) in King County. Making us one of a kind.

When you come to Squak Mt during any season and buy our home grown annuals, not only are you ‘buying local’, but you are also taking home a plant that is healthy, robust, and has been nurtured along by our talented team of growers.

And our greenhouse team been busy as bees since the first week of December. Here is a peek at some of the exciting things growing in our greenhouses for Spring.


Squak Mt grown geraniums. One of our biggest crops for the spring, geraniums bloom all summer, their cheery flowers adding bright color to the garden and containers.









Our geranium baskets are just beginning to root and fill out. This summer they will be spilling over with bright, vibrant color.








Can you believe these are our famous fuchsia baskets? We start them in September and they are lovingly cared for right up until the moment you buy one in May. Hard to believe that by April this basket will be spilling over with profuse blooms.








Hydrangeas. Simple, beautiful color for indoors and once the threat of frost has passed, can be moved outdoors.








Bacopa a customer favorite because of it’s fantastic trailing habit and sweet white, blue, or pink flowers.







Next time you are here at Squak Mt. we would love for you to poke your head in the back greenhouse to check things out. It’s bright, it’s warm, and it smells like the woods after a spring rain. Earthy and hopeful.


  1. Karen McEwen

    I look forward to when the beautiful geraniums and roses are ready for purchase this Spring.

  2. abby

    Karen-Our roses are now available for purchase in our nusery. Lots to choose from and you recieve $4 off every rose you buy through the month of February.
    Geraniums will be available late April-Early May. They are growing away and being well cared for.

  3. abby

    Kate-Give us a call here at Squak Mt and talk to Carole about crytomerias. I know we carry them I just don’t know when we bring them in.

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