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‘Hot Summer Days’ Summer Container Design

Our exclusive 2014 container recipe is an ode to summer and her long, hot days of icy cold lemonade and swim suit clad kids playing in the backyard.  Our designers have selected tones of red, orange, apricot, coral, blue and purple to create a sizzling display of color all season long.   Plants in this design crave full sun or afternoon sun conditions.

All of the plants in this container are summer annuals that are grown in our greenhouses here in Issaquah.  The plants in this recipe are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them.  Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities listed here fit a pot approximately 16-18” in diameter.

We also have pre-planted containers with this recipe so that you may take them home complete, and ready to enjoy. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you further as you create bring hot summer color to your garden.


  1. Whopper Begonia –  1 plant. Red blooms with green leaf, or rose with bronze leaf. Similar to the ‘Dragon Wing’ begonia, ‘Whopper’ features a fuller plant and larger blooms. Will grow to 3’.
  2. Divine New Guinea Impatiens – 2 plants. Hot Mix or Mystic Mix. A disease tolerant New Guinea impatien.  Full, rounded habit. Hot Mix is reds, oranges, and purples. Mystic Mix is pinks, violets, and white.
  3. Supercalibrachoa Cherry – 1 plant.  A cross between a petunia and a calibrachoa. Blooms are smaller than a petunia. Pretty trailer with attractive green foliage.
  4. Magilla Perilla – 1 plant: Similar to coleus only more heat tolerant. The serrated, oval shaped leaves are green with variegated foliage of pink and or cream.
  5. Impomea ‘Compact Margie’ – 1 plant: Sweet potato vine, a customer favorite because of it’ bright chartreuse green leaves, and lovely trailing habit. Compact Margie has a three pronged leaf and is more compact then other sweet potato vine.
  6. Techno Blue Lobelia – 1 plant: A full, prolifically blooming trailer with bright blue flowers and green, dainty foliage.
  7. Minifamous Calibrachoa ‘Apricot with Red Eye’ – 1 plant. Small, apricot colored, flowers with a bright red eye in the center. Trailer. Plant close together with Techno blue lobelia to create a mass of color spilling from the side of the pot.
  8. Patriot Geranium. Papaya. 1 plant. A new color introduction. The bright coral/watermelon blooms add a bright pop of color. Heat tolerant and blooms vigorously all summer.




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