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Homegrown Poinsettias

Squak Mt. Grew 20+ Varieties This Year!

Traditional red and white poinsettias are joined by a vast array of unique varieties within the immense homegrown crop at Squak Mt. Greenhouses.

We are the very last grower of poinsettias in King County and continue to take pride in the vibrant color, long-lasting quality and optimal shaped plants our talented team is able to grow.

Take a walk through our warm growing greenhouses today. Poinsettia colors are at their peak intensity as Thanksgiving arrives. Perfect timing to capture a family photo amongst in the sea of blooms. Accent your holiday decor with your favorite color and ideal plant size.  They make long-lasting houseplants. Contrary to the myth, poinsettias are not toxic.

We are growing more than twenty (!!) varieties of poinsettias in our 2021 crop of more than 15,000 plants.  Here is a sneak peek at some unusual varieties you will discover in our greenhouse.

Autumn Leaves: Golden apricot tones to celebrate Thanksgiving and the warmth of the holidays.

Candy Bubblegum: Rosy, hot pink on a vigorous plant.

Carina Hot Pink: Vivid hot pink adds some sizzle.

Christmas Mouse: Round red bracts, just like a cute mouse ear.

Ice Punch: Red bracts with a showy white blotch on each mid-vein.

Marbella: Bold pink with creamy white edges on each bract.

Orange Glow: Our very newest introduction, the world’s first true orange poinsettia!

Superba New Glitter: Red with white flecks brings whimsy and charm.

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