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Green, Green, Green, Red

Add some vibrant, interesting color, texture, and height to your holiday decorating, either indoors or out this year. The groundcover wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens), and ivy topiaries are two excellent living plants that are beloved by decorators.

Wintergreen is an attractive groundcover with small, oval shaped dark green leaves accompanied by bright red berries. How fitting for the classic red and green colors of Christmas. Indoors it can be featured as a centerpiece for a dining table. Try setting three 4” pots of wintergreen in a decorative drop in pot, or space them evenly across the table wrapped in burlap or brown butcher paper.   Place your favorite set of holiday taper candles on the table and voila you have a festive, easy center piece. Outdoors tuck some in a pretty pot on your porch or plant them along a walkway. The bright red berries will be a cheerful welcome to all who visit your home.










Ivy topiaries are another appealing option featured at Squak Mt.  As holiday décor they can be topped with a pretty bow and set on the bathroom counter to add a festive touch. Outdoors, topiary forms make an interesting focal point planted in a container on your porch. Mix in some wintergreen, pansies, and perhaps a winter blooming hellebore (a ‘Jacob’ or ‘Joseph’ for Christmas bloom) for added color during the winter months. For added sparkle lace a string of our tiny LED battery powered lights through the ivy. Using the timer option on the light string, you can have your pot illuminate at the same time every day.













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