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Golden Year

Inject vibrant, all year color in your life with a new, easy care tree, Thuja ‘Highlights’.

This bright yellow-gold arborvitae offers a tight pyramidal shape while maintaining its vibrant color in every season. Best in a sunny location, this variety will not burn when provided adequate water.







Narrow enough to plant in a large pot, ‘Highlights’ creates eye catching drama in any container. Patio owners can enjoy colorful privacy from neighbors by planting a row to create a living wall in a strategic location. In garden beds they can be used as dramatic sentinels or as well behaved screen rows. Slow growing ‘Highlights’ will grow to only 8 feet tall in 10 years. Come enjoy the savings on all trees and shrubs, now at Squak Mt during our Fall Sale.

Thuja Highlights #2 (2)


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