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Fuchsias: Brighten your shade

Welcome friends to your home with bright, colorful, cascading blooms all summer long.  Fuchsia baskets have been a favorite of Seattle area gardeners for generations, and with good reason.  They are non-stop bloomers that thrive in cool, shady locations.  Many of us have a porch that is protected by a roof that makes growing sun loving flowers very difficult.  Our beautiful homegrown fuchsia baskets are your ideal solution for a full shade or morning sun location .

For more than six months we have been growing these baskets to prepare them for instant enjoyment when you hang them outdoors.  In the Issaquah area we recommend putting your fuchsia basket out after May 1st.  If there are unseasonably cool (below 50 F) or windy period in early May, bring your basket into the garage for the night, then rehang it outdoors in the morning.  Also remember that you may not need to water your basket more than twice a week if the weather is cool in May.

Fuchsias like to be evenly moist, as they wilt quickly when they dry out.  Water your basket thoroughly (until water pours out the bottom drain hole) each day.  Also fertilize your basket once each week.  With each fuchsia basket you purchase you will receive a 50% off coupon for our water soluble hanging basket fertilizer.  This 20-20-20 formulation has been our top choice for more than three decades!  Finally spend a moment or two removing spent blooms throughout the month.  Fuchsias will form seed pods once a bloom is finished.  This seed pod sends a signal to the plant that it need not form as many new blooms in the future.

Our famed fuchsias are grown in an upscale cedar basket and are delightfully large in size.  They are also covered in buds and blooms, ready to brighten your shady entry or give as a gift for Mom.  At $37.98 they are the best deal on the Eastside.  With over 1,000 baskets to select from today you will find the ideal color for you.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Hanging Fuchsia Variety


Blue Eyes Lavender purple / red
Dark Eyes Deep purple / red
Marinka Red tube flower, hummingbirds love
Red Spider Rose pink / magenta
Swingtime Red / white

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