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‘Frosted Elegance’

Squak Mt. Winter Container

Celebrate the cool, frosty days of winter in your outdoor containers with tones of white, blue and
green accented by white blooms and red berries.

All of the plants in our 2023 recipe will be happy on your porch or patio throughout winter regardless of the sun exposure. When summer arrives, some of the plants in this pot may need to find a permanent home in your landscape, as there are varied light needs. The plants in our design are displayed together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist in modifying the recipe for any size pot. The quantities, as shown, fit a container approximately 14” in diameter.

A. Rhododendron ‘PJM’
1 plant
PJM is one of the earliest blooming rhodies with flowers appearing an almost translucent lavender-purple. This is a tough smaller leaved Rhododendron with small trusses of bright blooms that contrast with the small, dark green leaves. The evergreen foliage takes on a mahogany winter color. This variety is noted for its tolerance for heat as well as cold. An excellent choice for borders, mass plantings, or containers. Attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies and birds. Deer and rabbit resistant. Part Sun. Height 3-5ft.

B. Pieris japonica
‘Little Heath’
1 plant
Tidy, compact shrub with a white and green variegation on the margins of the gray-green leaves. In spring, new foliage emerges creamy pink with white bell-shaped flowers appearing in March Due to the early flower, Pieris is a good source of food for the early foraging bees and bumblebees. Deer and rabbit resistant. Evergreen. Part sun. Height 3-4ft.

C. Wintergreen
(Gaultheria procumbens)
2 plants
Native evergreen plant with glossy leaves, small white flowers that bear scarlet berries in late fall and winter. When crushed the leaves have the flavor of wintergreen. Deer and rabbit resistant. Partial to full shade. Height 4-6in.

D. Cedrus deodara
‘Feelin’ Blue’
1 plant
Low growing dwarf cedar, with a unique spreading form that rarely develops a leader. The icy blue-green needles are a wonderful specimen in smaller spaces, rock gardens and containers. Evergreen. Full Sun. 4-5’ H x 10’ W in 10 years.

E. Hellebores ‘Monte Christo’
2 plants
Blue-grey foliage accented by red stems and nodding peach blushed white blooms in late winter that last through early spring. Deer and rabbit resistant. Full shade or part shade. 12” H.

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