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Forcing Paper Whites: Step by Step

Forcing Paper Whites: A step by step

Looking for a fun, family project that is simple and yields beautiful flowers? Paper white bulbs are so easy to force indoors, it may become a family tradition. They are fragrant and their cheerful, white, daffodil shaped flowers will bring bright color to a gray winter day.

  1. Select a container for your bulbs and chose a planting medium. This could be pebbles, rocks, marbles or potting soil. Fill bottom of container with medium.
  2. Nestle the bulbs side by side, pointy side up. Add a little more of the medium to support the base of the bulbs.
  3. Fill container with enough water until just the base of the bulb is covered. You will want the roots to consistently be in water.
  4. Place container in a cool spot, away from light for two weeks.
  5. At the end of two weeks move the container to a bright spot. Green stalks will appear followed by blooms. This takes about four weeks.
  6. For best results rotate your container occasionally to encourage upright growth. If staking is needed chopsticks work great tied with raffia or ribbon.


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