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New! Fignomenal

Enjoy delicious figs on a truly dwarf plant when you grow ‘Fignomenal’ fig. Deep brown fruits with a sweet pink flesh are borne each summer. Place your fig in a sunny location. Growing to only 28” tall, you may elect to grow ‘Fignomenal’ in a container or in the ground. This fig is hardy to 0F, and should you elect to grow it in a pot year round, it is wise to protect the roots during extreme cold spells. If you live on higher elevations in our area you may even elect to bring it in as a houseplant for the winter.

A new variety, we are confident ‘Fignomenal’ will bear fruit in our area as it was bred in a northern region (Pennsylvania) and is known to be prolific in creating fruit. Come meet this new fig and tuck it into a small, sunny spot on your deck or in your landscape.

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