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‘Exquisite Taste’ Fall Container

‘Exquisite Taste’

2017 Fall Container Recipe

Delight guests with beauty and texture in your containers as you celebrate the arrival of autumn.  Bold and delicate leaf shapes create balance, while tones of green, blue, yellow create a harmonious back drop for pink, lavender and white blooms.

The designers at Squak Mt. have created our exclusive container recipe to bring beauty to your home for months to come.  Nearly partial or full sun area will work well for this combination this autumn  When late spring arrives we recommend disassembling parts of the recipe and making them permanent landscape plantings, as sun tolerance during summer varies for the plants we have chosen.

All of the plants in our design are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them.  Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities in this recipe fit a pot approximately 16” in diameter. Our designers have also selected attractive containers that we have pre-planted with this design, so that you may take them home complete and ready to enjoy. Join us at Squak Mt. as we assist you in creating beauty in your garden.


‘Fine Line’ Buckthorn –  1 plant – Great vertical texture for containers or the garden.  Airy, fern like, dark green leaves on this tough, columnar shrub turn yellow in fall.   Upright stems with dark brown bark and white speckle can be beautifully adorned with lights in winter.  Part or full sun.  Grow to 60” H x 24” W.

Euphorbia ‘Ruby Glow’ – 1 plant – Deepest purple foliage on this compact, evergreen perennial.   New foliage is bright red. Chartreuse spring blooms contrast wonderfully against the dark foliage.   12-18” H and W.

Heucherella ‘Pink Fizz’ – 1 plant – Evergreen perennial, with bold, green scalloped foliage.  8” H x 16” W.  See article.

Tracy’s Maidenhair Fern – 1 plant – A naturally occurring hybrid Maidenhair fern that is cold hardy and evergreen!  Lacy foliage on delicate, black stemmed arching fronds, reach 18-24” tall.  Shade or morning sun.

Pansy ‘Cool Wave Blue Skies’– 3 plants – Cheerful, cold hardy color for in fall and early spring.  Spreads quickly as a ground cover or trails over a pot’s edge.  Lavender blue blooms with a yellow center.  See article.

Ornamental oregano ‘Amethyst Falls’ – 2 plants  – Vivid, amethyst blooms, aromatic gray-green foliage with a trailing habit.   See article.

Snowdrops (Galanthus) – 5 to 10 bulbs – Delicate white, nodding blooms emerge in late winter.  Wonderful in beds or containers.  Grows 4” tall.  Will naturalize (return year after year).  Cold hardy and deer resistant.









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