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Eat Your Peas!

Enjoy the ease of growing vegetables in a container right outside your door. Container vegetable gardening allows even those living in a small home to enjoy the health benefits and deliciousness of home grown vegetables. Over the next few months, cool season vegetable seeds can be planted directly into a container, no indoor germination needed.


We have a great selection of vegetable seeds suitable for use in container gardening. Peas are one of the first seeds that can be planted in February.


Here are our favorite pea varieties for use in a Container Garden:

Progress # 9: English Shelling. Plump peas. 18” high. 58 days.

Sugar Daddy: Snap Pea. Lots of pods on 30” self-supporting stems. Eat entire pod. 58 days.

Oregon Sugar Pod II: Snow Pea. Flat, stringless pods. 28” vines. 60 days.




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