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Cute Stuff

Cute Stuff


Harvest delicious heat loving vegetables this summer, even if the heat doesn’t come this year.  We all enjoy the warmth that summer brings and many edibles, like peppers and tomatoes, require sufficient warmth to create their crops.  As Seattle’s summer weather can vary (!), allow the team at Squak Mt. to introduce you to varieties that provide fantastic taste and bountiful harvests despite our maritime climate.


Our greenhouse team is growing ‘Cute Stuff’ bell pepper producing mature red fruit in only 56 days, and has huge yields.  This sweet flavored mini pepper grows about 2.5” in size and is ideal for fresh eating or stuffing. 


Also growing is a complete selection of tomatoes that thrive here in our area.  Amongst our grafted tomatoes you will find ‘Stupice’ an heirloom variety with 2-3” fruit and ‘Defiant’, which features great flavor and superior disease resistance.  Our grafted tomatoes provide you with a super charged plant that grows more vigorously on specialized root stock. View the Squak Talk blog for a complete list of our tomato crop. 

Warm season veggies (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) can be planted now.   Squak Mt. will has a complete selection of summer edibles for your family’s health and enjoyment.



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