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Coneflower 2.0

Coral, orange, red and yellow tones help us celebrate late summer and autumn. In years past, our favorite Coneflowers (Echinacea) were limited to purple tones. Breeding new colors of hardy Coneflowers, that come back year after year, has been challenging. We found the first brightly colored Coneflower varieties to be very unreliable in returning after our wet Seattle winters.

Starting from select seeds, plant breeders created ‘Cheyenne Spirit’. We have been pleased to offer ‘Cheyenne Spirit’, a reliable perennial in our area. As a seed grown variety each plant has a unique bloom color. However we still desired the ability to offer specific vibrant bloom colors, on hardy, reliable Echinacea.

Introducing the Sombrero family of Coneflowers, boasting bright, colorful blooms that start in June and don’t quit until early fall. The heavily branched plants support large flowers that bring joy in the garden, and are a stunning cut flower as well. Each Sombrero variety features a compact habit (24” tall), deer resistance, and are beloved by butterflies and songbirds. The Sombrero series is drought tolerant, easy to grow in our area, and reliably returns each spring after winter dormancy. Our favorite hot new varieties are ‘Salsa Red’, ‘Adobe Orange’ and ‘Hot Coral’. Plant them in sunny borders or containers.


Sombrero Seris Echinacea

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