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Clearing the Air

Color, texture, scale – the aesthetics that houseplants bring to our homes and offices are often the initial reason to incorporate these enjoyable plants into our lives.  Indoor plants also improve mood and morale, making them a perfect decorating option for anyplace that humans inhabit.  While houseplants add gorgeous green to your indoors, they also go to work for you by cleaning the air. All plants take in carbon dioxide and rerelease it back into the air as oxygen. Many houseplants can also remove harmful toxins from your air and are not adversely affected.  Here are six house beloved by the Squak Mt. team, that are also exceptional air cleaners!

Aloe Vera: Thick, elongated leaves clean the air. The sappy gel inside their branches can bring relief for minor burns and other skin irritants. Provide aloe vera with lots of morning light or filtered afternoon light.









Bird’s Nest Fern: Rejoice all you houseplant lovers with little natural light! Bird’s Nest Fern loves dark north facing rooms! The bright apple green leaves grow in a vase shape with lovely veining.









Ivy: Sometimes used in outdoor gardening, ivy is a superb performer indoors. Hang a basket of ivy from a hook in the corner of a room to add cascading interest.  Ivy is available in bright forest green or variegated forms. An occasional shower that cleans the leaves helps make them an easy care plant.  Ivy will tolerate a multitude of light conditions.









Sansevieria: Thick, broad leaves shoot out the center of Sansevieria (Snake Plant) reminiscent of tongues of fire. Snake Plant features eye-catching architectural interest and is exceptionally easy to care for. Available in a many colors, sansevieria thrives in a brightly lit room away from direct sunlight.  They are the ideal plant for your bedroom as they release oxygen at night, creating the optimal environment for a good night’s sleep.









Spathipyllum: Peace Lily features gorgeous large, dark green veined leaves that arch gently. Bright white flowers shaped like a candle shoot up from the center. The ideal office mate, this easy care plant thrives in low light.










Spider Plant: This houseplant’s unique cascading form adds fun to the room. Spider plants are a perfect contender for a playroom or a kid’s bedroom. They beg to be hung from the ceiling or popped in a decorative pot on top of a bookshelf. Thin, arching leaves cascade over the side, while long tube like tendrils grow even longer, decorated with spider like fronds on the ends. Bright, indirect light is the preferred growing area for spider plants, but they will also succeed in lower light areas.










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