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Choosing The Right Container For Your Houseplants

Choosing The Right Container For Your Houseplants

Houseplants have topped the list of hot interior design trends for the past few years, and that’s brought an explosion of styles and types of containers on to the market.

So how to choose the perfect pot for your prized plant? Lets discuss the types of plant pots we offer at Squak Mt. and the plants best suited for them. The first thing to notice is that some planters have drain holes; others do not. Those without are called Cache Pots, and we think of them as a dress or suit for your nursery plant pot. Plants that like to be on the damp side are great candidates for the cache pot, including Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) and most philodendrons. We recommend you remove the plant (including the nursery pot) and water the plant outside of the cache pot. Then place it back in the decorative pot after most of the water has drained through.
If your plant needs to dry in between waterings, opt for a container with a drain
hole. Breathable terra cotta is back in fashion,
and a great choice for sansevierias, ZZ plants
and succulents.

Some plants, such as bromeliads, begonias and succulents have root systems that are wide and shallow, so shape can also play a role in choosing the right container. Bowls and dishes are a good match for these plants. Leave the tall vessels for plants with deeper root systems such as those in the Ficus family.

Once you consider the practicalities, then have a little fun with style. Our friendly staff is happy to help you select the right container for your plant, and offer free repotting when you purchase the plant, a scoop of soil and a container during your visit to Squak Mt.

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