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Caring For Hummingbirds in the Winter

Doesn’t your heart leap a bit anytime you spot a hummingbird buzzing around your garden? These mighty little birds often reside in the Puget Sound area year round. Unfortunately, there is limited plant material to keep them fed and nourished in the winter months.

Those of us who keep feeders out for the hummers in the winter understand the challenges of keeping the nectar available during periods of freezing. We are happy to offer a unique hummingbird feeder heater that was developed here in Washington.

  • Benefits of our Hummingbird Feeder Heater:
  • Easy to use, install and clean
  • Safe to use in wet outdoor locations. UL compliant.
  • Adjustable hooks fit various styles of feeders
  • Safe for the birds. It will not overheat nectar.
  • Saves you time – no more defrosting needed.

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