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Busy as Bees

Just because the thermometer has been stuck somewhere around 35 degrees for the past few weeks does not mean that we are hibernating here at Squak Mt Nursery. In fact the opposite is happening. Especially in our greenhouses where our talented greenhouse team are as busy as bees. Since we are a growing greenhouse there is not a time of year when growing is not occurring. We are constantly planting, tending to, and preparing new crops of summer annuals, fall color, and poinsettias.

Growing in our back greenhouse right now are our famous home grown fuchsia and hanging geranium baskets. In the recent weeks plug trays have been planted with Bacopa; New Guinea Impatiens; and trailing fuchsias. As the weeks progress we will run out of room on our growing benches in the back greenhouse and by the end of February our state of the art growing benches in the  glass greenhouse will be filling up with newly planted summer annuals. Including geraniums, impatiens, and coleus; among others. We are getting excited for spring gardening and we hope you are too! Check back often for more updates on what is happening in the greenhouses at Squak.


Here are a few snapshots of planting New Guinea Impatiens. We then label every pot so our customers can easily find their favorite color of the fun tropical summer annual.


planting                                                   labeling







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