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“Breath of Spring”: 2015 Early Spring Container Design


Feel the soft colors of early spring, harmonizing to bring the joy during this expectant season.  The designers at Squak Mt. have created this exclusive design for containers on your entry, porch or deck.  Yellow, blue and bright green tones highlighted with pink are found in our ‘Breath of Spring’ recipe.

All of the plants in our design are conveniently displayed at our nursery to make selection quick and easy.  This recipe is designed for a container about 15-18” in diameter.  Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you in adapting our design to fit your pot of any size.

For your enjoyment, we also have containers pre-planted with ‘Breath of Spring’, ready for you to select and take home today.

Plants in this design can be planted in any light exposure the first half of the year.  As summer approaches plants in this design would prefer a partial sun location.

View photos of this recipe at the Squak Talk Blog on our website today.


  1. ‘Frosty Curls’ Carex – 1 plant: Fine celery green foliage on evergreen clumping grass. Delicate curls on tips. 12-14”.
  2. Dwarf Rhododendron ‘Patty Bee’ – 1 plant: See article
  3. Teta-te-Tate – 1 plant: Miniature yellow daffodils. A spring favorite.
  4. Golden Spike Moss -1 plant: Bright yellow, green ferny foliage forms a soft mat for a pop of color and texture.
  5. Primroses – 1 to 2 plants: Homegrown cold hardy perennial. Our crop includes many cheerful2 tones to choose from. We suggest blue, yellow or violet.
  6. English Daisy ‘Tasso Strawberry Pink’ – 1 plant: Long blooming, pom-poms like flowers in early spring. Pink, red, or white.
  7. Big leaf Creeping Wire Vine – 1 plant: Large, round leaves on wiry stems add perky texture to this trailer.
  8. Yellow twig dogwood – 1 plant or 3 cut branches: Vivid yellow branches add vertical accent and color. Alternatively, you may use cut pussy willow branches.
  9. Heucherella ‘Mojito’ – 1 plant: Chartreuse green to gold leaves, accented with maroon-red veining in the foliage. Dense, compact growing habit.



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