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Blueberries: Stunning and Sweet

New Blueberries: Stunning & Sweet

Savor the flavor of sweet, fresh fruit and enjoy visual appeal in your landscape when you plant blueberries.  Allow the team at Squak Mt. to introduce you to three brand new varieties.  All are cold hardy to at least -25F, and will thrive in our maritime climate.  Blueberry pancakes anyone?

First up is ‘Cabernet Splash’, which brings stunning beauty to your garden throughout the year. Leaves emerge a deep cabernet color and age to green and cabernet tones. Small white nodding blooms appear soon after.  Summer brings an abundant crop of delicious medium sized blueberries. In autumn the leaves turn fiery red before dropping.  Developed here in Western Washington, ‘Cabernet Splash’ remains compact in stature, growing 4’ x 4’.  Ideal for borders, mixed beds or containers, this exciting new introduction brings delight in multiple seasons.

Doesn’t a blueberry have to be blue?  ‘Pink Popcorn’ proves to be a fun exception.   From a backdrop of green leaves, creamy pink berries kissed with a deeper pink blush develop to create eye catching contrast in early to midseason.  In autumn, leaves turn bright red to bring additional interest. Offering the same sweet, tart taste as a traditional blueberry, ‘Pink Popcorn’ adds an unexpected pop of color for the adventurous gardener or chef.  This new variety starts bearing abundant harvests of medium sized berries at a young age, unlike some of its slow maturing pink toned predecessors.   At maturity, this shrub will reach 5’ x 5’ and produce great yields.

Rounding out our trio of new blueberries for 2018 is ‘Mini Blues’.  If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying the amazing flavor of a wild blueberry, you will be overjoyed to taste this new introduction.   A variety of northern highbush blueberry, this medium sized shrub will produce prolific clusters of small, intensely flavorful sweet-tart blueberries. ‘Mini Blues’ will mature at 6’ x 4’.

These new varieties of northern high bush blueberries are disease and insect resistant making them easy to care for.  All are hardy to at least -20 F so they can be enjoyed by gardeners throughout our region.   Great flavor, healthy anti-oxidants, and landscape beauty all can be yours in one plant.  Come discover blueberry varieties, new and old at Squak Mt. today!


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