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New ! ‘Blue Puffball’

Welcome the black sheep of the tree world back into your garden this fall. The Chaste tree (Vitex), for so long difficult to grow (they get huge) and keep healthy (leaf spots), has been given a second chance at thriving in a home owners’ landscape. Come meet a Chaste tree that will be ideal for your garden.








If the name alone, ‘Blue Puffball’, doesn’t charm you; then perhaps the details will. First, the compact habit of this plant makes it perfect for small areas. Growing to only 3’ x 3’ ‘Blue Puffball’ is densely branched with lush glistening blue green leaves. The abundant, fragrant blue flowers appear in late summer and continue until the first frost. ‘Blue Puffball’ is resistant to disease and bugs, and is not prone to deer damage. Plant in full sun and enjoy the blue blooms on this easy to care for plant.




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