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Blossoming Charm


‘Blossoming Charm’ – 2017 Early spring container recipe

Explore bold textures and bright colors as you celebrate the first notes of early spring.  The designers at Squak Mt. are pleased to present a fresh new recipe for your containers.  Glossy deep green leaves provide a rich backdrop for yellow, red, pink and blue blooms.  Shrubs, perennials, ground covers and bulbs all contribute creating beauty to grace your front entry on deck.

This design can be grown in nearly any light condition through spring.  Plants in this recipe can be easily transplanted into garden beds when you elect to celebrate the summer season in your container.  If you elect to maintain the pot throughout the year, a cool, morning sun location would be ideal.

All of the plants in our design are displayed together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them.  The quantities in this recipe fit a pot approximately 16-18” in diameter.  We are happy to help you adapt our recipe for any size pot you may already have.

The designers at Squak Mt. have also selected containers that we have pre-planted with this design, so that you may take them home complete and ready to enjoy.


  1. Japanese Aralia (Fatsia Japonica) – 1 plant – A distinctive evergreen shrub with glossy deeply lobed leaves. Prefers to live in the shade. Hardy to 0 degrees F. Protect from cold wind. Grows 6’ x 6’. Also an exceptionally easy to grow houseplant!


  1. Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ – 2 plants – Bright blue flowers carpet this groundcover in April and May. Semi-evergreen foliage has a bronze cast in winter turning to deep green in the summer. Prefers a sunny position in the garden.  4” H x 12” W.


  1. Hellebore ‘Mahogany Snow’ – 1 plant – Exquisite sprays of creamy white flowers backed in a rosy pink stand up above the evergreen foliage creating a beautiful winter floral display from January thru March. This plant will be about 15” tall and wide at maturity. Prefers full shade or morning sun. Very cold hardy to -20 F.


  1. Heuchera ‘Fire Alarm’ -1 plant –The bright red color of the evergreen leaves will warm up a winter pot. Flowers in late spring will attract hummingbirds!  9” H x 12” W. Prefers to live in a morning sun/afternoon shade location. Hardy to -20 degrees F. Fire Alarm will mound and add color contrast and fullness to the pot.


  1. Daffodil ‘Tete a Tete’ – 3 plants – The cheerful miniature yellow flowers on this longtime favorite are a welcome sign that winter is ending! Daffodils are deer and rabbit resistant and naturalize (return each year) beautifully in the garden.


  1. Primrose – 4 plants – Homegrown in our greenhouses and available in a myriad of bright bloom colors.  Primroses are shade loving perennials that thrive in cool nights. As late spring approaches, and their blooms fade, they can be removed from your pot, and planted in your garden.  Next year they will surprise you with a pop of color!


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