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Best of 2014: ‘Northwind’ Switchgrass

Enhance your sunny garden border with the bold and beautiful vertical presence of ornamental grass.  We are pleased to introduce two switchgrasses (Panicum varigatum), which are both drought tolerant and deer resistant. ‘Northwind’ is an upright, thick bladed grass on a sturdy stock, allowing it to stand strong during our windy autumns and winters.  It leaves emerge steel blue in the spring and as fall approaches will take on a golden yellow color (see photo). September will bring on showy flower panicles that rise above the leaves. Growing 4-6’ tall this is a great option to use as a screen. ‘Northwind’ was picked as the Perennial of the Year for 2014 for its outstanding garden performance.




  1. doug

    I live in Spokane but there aren’t any nurseries near me that sell Dave Wilson plants, hence my visit to your site. I noticed your plant descriptions don’t include a cold hardiness zone designation. Is there a way to include this type of info?

  2. abby

    Hi Doug-We just saw your question about plant cold hardiness zone info that you asked a few weeks ago. Sorry it has taken awhile to get back to you. So on our website https://www.squakmtnursery.com under the resources tab you can click on our Plant Finder feature, which lists all plants that we typically carry. In the search box put in what plant you are searching for, hit search and a list of that plant variety will pop up. To expand a certain plants descrition simply click on the bold title and it will list all the information you need to know, including hardiness zone information. Hope this helps!!
    The Team at Squak Mt. Nursery

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