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Begonia Beuaty

Begonia Beauty


Beautiful begonia blooms bedazzle and beckon from beds and balconys.  Their beautifully formed and colorful flowers make this beloved annual a must for every summer garden.  You may be surprised to learn the many types and uses of begonias.  Here are some that we are growing in our greenhouses for you today.


Tuberous – The rose shaped, multi petal blooms (shown here) make these shade loving begonias very appealing.  Often used in containers or baskets the “Non-stop” series has a mounding habit, while the “Illumination” series is more cascading.  Bloom colors include red, yellow, orange, white, pink and more.


Wax (Fibrous)– This is the easiest summer annual to grow.  Sun, partial sun or shade, these mounding plants are ideal in beds or pots.  Leaf colors are bronze or green and bloom colors range from red to white to pink.


Baby Wings – Featuring diamond shaped leaves these begonias grow quickly to 12-16” tall and wide.   They thrive in containers, baskets or beds in sun or partial sun locations. 


Rieger (Hiemalis) –    Grow indoors in a bright windowsill or outdoors when summer has arrived.  Prolific blooms is a wide range of colors make this begonia a favorite year round.


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