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Bare Root Trees at Squak Mt.

Are you looking to buy some bare root trees this spring? Read on to see what kinds of trees Squak Mt has in bare root and get some common questions answered.

Our Bare Root Tree Sale goes through March 25, 2017.*

Fruit trees for optimal nutrition and delicious flavor.

Flowering trees for dazzling, colorful blooms in spring:

Including redbuds, golden chain, and ornamental flowering crabapples, cherries, plums and pears.

Shade trees ideal for creating privacy, cooling your home and patio, noise abatement, wildlife enhancement, visual interest and stunning fall colors.

Including red maples, birches, hornbeams, aspens, katsuras, ginkgo, willows, elm, oaks and more.

Offer expires March 25, 2017.  (If the weather is uncommonly warm, this offer may end sooner.)  While supplies last.


Q: What is “bare root”?

A: A bare root plant is grown in a field.  During the plant’s dormant period, it is dug and the soil is washed off.  It is now a “bare root” plant!

Q: Why buy bare root?

A: You get exceptional value as you do not pay for the potting of the plant.  That is why we are able to offer you our 25% discount.  Plants are also light, making them very easy to transport and plant.

Q: How do I care for a bare root plant?

A: We display our bare root crops in sawdust beds to keep the roots moist and protected from freezing.  Our staff will assist you in selecting your trees and will place the roots in large plastic bags for the trip home.  You should plan on removing the roots from the bags when you get home.  They can either be planted immediately or you can cover the roots with moist soil (as we do with sawdust) until you are ready to plant.  Complete planting instructions are available at Squak Mt. for your assistance.

Q:  Are all types of trees available in bare root form?

A: No, several popular types of trees do not respond well to the bare root process.  Japanese maples, flowering dogwoods, magnolias and evergreen (conifer) trees are some examples of trees that are not available bare root.


*If for some blessed reason we experience a warm March, we will be planting the bare root trees in containers for the season, Those roots will want more protection than just sawdust!

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