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‘Baby Cakes’ Blackberry

New! ‘Baby Cakes’ Blackberry


Join the revolution in home grown fruits and vegetables. In years gone by many people expressed their patriotism to help in the war effort with Victory Gardens and also saved pennies by growing edibles in their own back yard. Today vegetable and fruit gardening is creating interest amongst folks interested in healthy eating, delicious flavors, and environmental preservation.


Here at Squak Mt Nursery we are always on the lookout for fun new varieties of fruits and vegetables for the home gardener. We are pleased to introduce the first blackberry that grows happily in a container. ‘Baby Cakes’ Blackberry is from the same growers that brought us ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ and the ‘Jelly Bean’ and ‘Peach Sorbet’ blueberries.


Producing a sweet, juicy berry ‘Baby Cakes’ will only grow to be 3’ – 4’ tall and wide. Planted in a small garden or container in full sun, ‘Baby Cakes’ has the added bonus of being thorn less. Yep, this little lady will make growing and harvesting blackberries a pleasure. No more scratched arms!  Delicious harvests next summer, start with a visit to Squak Mt. today!





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