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‘Autumn Fire’ Squak Mt Fall Container 2014

The fiery colors of fall, red, orange, bronze, and orange are celebrated in this exclusive recipe from the designers at Squak Mt.. Plant in a full sun to part shade area in your favorite rustic colored pot and enjoy for months to come.

All of the plants in our design are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them.  Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities listed here fit a pot approximately 14-18” in diameter. We also have pre-planted containers with this recipe so that you may take them home complete and ready to enjoy. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you further as you create bring a splash of vibrant color to your garden.

  1.  ‘Curly Red’ Leucothoe-1 plant: A slow growing compact shrub with twisted leathery leaves akin to bouncy curls. The reddish-orange new growth matures to a dark green then eases into intense shades of red in late fall/winter. Evergreen.
  2. ‘Orange Sedge’ Carex testacea-1 plant: Finely textured olive green blades with orange highlights form a beautiful arching mound. ‘Orange Sedge’ will grow to be 16” x 12”. Also a fantastic evergreen for color all year.
  3. Mum-1 plant: Squak Mt grown, our mums are a surefire hit every fall. We suggest yellow, bronze, or red but the choice is yours.
  4. Bud Blooming heather-1 plant: ‘Bud Bloomers’ are heathers (calluna) with long lasting flowers. The buds do not fully open so they appear to have color longer then a normal heather. With a bud bloom heather the color fades slowly instead of flowering then turning brown. Two interesting selections are ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Larissa’. ‘Amethyst’ has purplish-red flowers on a bushy, compact plant, growing to 10-12” tall. The foliage is dark green. ‘Larissa’ has red flowers, will bloom August to November and is evergreen. We have these two and many other bud bloom heathers.
  5. Pansies or Violas-2-3 plants: Squak Mt grown fall pansies will bloom all fall through the beginning of December. They will slow down and then begin to re-bloom around mid-February.
  6. Sedum ‘Angelina’-2 plants: A low growing groundcover with bright gold needlelike foliage. This evergreen succulent will trail over the edge of the pot, adding interest along with texture. Yellow flowers appear in the summer.
  7. Crocus (spring bulb)-3-5: We recommend the bright, cheerful black veined orange crocus ‘Orange Monarch’.  Cute, surprising and an elegant addition. Purple or white crocus would work as well. Crocus are some of the first bulbs to bloom in the early spring.




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