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Autumn Fans

A hand held fan has long been used to keep cool on a hot day. Now you can bring the unique, scallop shape of the fan into your garden with Red Leafed Mukdenia. ‘Crimson Fans’ features fanned, maple like leaves that emerge in bright shades of green in the spring. Next, slender stems pop above the foliage adorned by white bell shaped flowers. As the weather warms, the leaves take on a subtler green tone with bright red streaks painting the rims in summer and fall.


This attractive clumping, perennial groundcover is stunning addition to a woodland garden as it prefers partial shade. Insure it enjoys moist, well drained soil with plenty of organic matter as it gets established.  Thereafter it is quite adaptable, even thriving in dry shade conditions.  Growing slowly to only 12” tall and 24” wide,  Mukdenia ‘Crimson Fans’ is easy to place amongst other perennials that like dappled sun or in a container to provide color and textural interest.  Come stroll the perennial courtyard at Squak Mt. today, and enjoy 25% savings as you enjoy the colors of fall.


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