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Ajuga Feathered Friends

Ajuga, also known as Bugle weed, has long been a groundcover staple. This easy care plant has traditionally featured deep green or bronze toned foliage on round leaves. Ajuga Feathered Friends is a collection of newly bred varieties that features leaves in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Many have multiple color tones on the same plant! With evergreen foliage and lavender to cobalt flower tones, these are very showy plants that thrive in shade or partial shade locations. Bees and other pollinators also love ajuga, as they seek out the early spring blooms.

With the Feathered Friends collection, you can select the style that fits your garden aesthetic, and allow ajuga’s workhorse traits to aid your gardening. You will enjoy increased weed suppression, erosion control and year-round interest from the dense coverage provided. Ajuga works well under trees and shrubs. You may also consider this plant for areas where others have struggled, such as on a slope or areas that are consistently moist.

Ajugas are deer and rabbit resistant and are very cold hardy
(to -30°F). They grow about 4” high and spread 18” and beyond. Varieties include ‘Cordial Canary’ featuring petite gold leaves, ‘Petite Parakeet’ boasting small buff leaves with orange veins, and
‘Fancy Finch’ with slender tricolored leaves. Squak Mt. Nursery will carry these and other ajugas from this collection throughout the year. We currently have a great selection, so come see what all the crowing is about!

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