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A ‘Tubby’ Garden Friend

Searching  for a unique addition to your containers or garden beds?  Allow us to introduce you to Bergenia ‘Tubby Andrews’, a sturdy evergreen perennial featuring wondrous foliage colors.

‘Tubby Andrews’, whose name conjures up a portly Englishman wearing a bowler hat and three piece suit, wows on all fronts. While the attractive pink flower stocks can be enjoyed on many bergenia varieties in spring, it’s definitely the leaves that provide the exclamation. Thick, waxy, gently curved leaves are a swirly celebration of green, gold, and creamy white in the spring and summer. As fall comes, the evergreen leaves will turn mottled pink and red, giving your garden a late season burst of color.

Attracting many pollinators and hummingbirds, ‘Tubby’ will stay a petite 12-18” tall. Bergenia are quite adaptable as they are tolerant of moist soil and thrive in sun, part shade, or dappled shade.  They are deer resistant, but spreading some slug bait may help to keep the leaves pristine.  Swing by the perennial courtyard at Squak Mt. today to discover beautiful colors and textures for your fall garden.

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