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Queen of Summer

Vibrant bloom clusters held aloft proudly on stiff stems above deep green foliage have earned zonal geraniums a place of honor in summer gardens for generations. Over the decades, we have grown well over one million geraniums here at Squak Mt. greenhouses. The varieties we offer change over time as breeders develop new varieties of plants with even more spectacular attributes.

Our ‘Moonlight’ series features compact plants that grow to 10-12” tall and are ideal for use in containers. The ‘Sunrise’ series is more vigorous, growing to 14” high and wide and brings color all summer to landscape beds and larger containers. One of the most delightful parts of selecting geraniums for your garden is the immense palette of colors to choose from. The blooms shown here are just a few of the multitude of colors growing in our greenhouses today.

Plant geraniums in full or partial sun and remove spent blooms to encourage even more flowers throughout the season.

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