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Enjoy The Beauty of Dogwoods

Four lobed flowers lay atop the leaves to spectacular effect when flowering dogwood trees put on a spectacular show each spring. Flowering dogwoods can be separated into three species, our native dogwood (Cornus nuttali), eastern dogwoods (C. florida), and korean dogwoods (C. kousa). Unfortunately our native dogwood is easily ravaged by a leaf disease known as anthracnose, making it a poor choice for local gardens. Eastern dogwoods bloom at the beginning of May, are best known for their intense pink flowering varieties and are often prone to anthracnose. Korean dogwoods bloom a month later in pure white, and are very disease resistant. We feature a wide selection of dogwoods at Squak Mt. including several hybrids developed by Rutgers University. These hybrids often blend disease resistance from the korean dogwoods with the pink coloration of the eastern dogwoods. The results are
truly stunning.

Dogwoods bring beauty to more seasons than just spring. Summer leaves are lush and attractive. Fall foliage colors are vibrant red and orange tones. Red berries also add interest in autumn. Finally, the exfoliating bark is particularly attractive in winter. Dogwoods are excellent performers in partial or full sun locations. Stroll through our expansive tree nursery at Squak Mt. today and find the perfect dogwood for your landscape.

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