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Ahoy, Hoya!

Easy-care blooming hoyas are staging a major comeback in popularity – and for good reason. The payoff for growing these epiphytic tropical plants is the showy, star -shaped blooms with a sweet smell.

With a variety of leaves ranging from thick and glossy, to coiled and rope-like, these vining beauties bring a lush fullness to any plant collection. Some varieties host attractive variegation, with stripes of white or splashes of silver. The seemingly endless options to choose from is part of the charm for collectors, but a few of the favorites here at Squak Mt. Nursery include the “Carnosa,” “Carnosa Compacta,” and “Australis.”

Hoyas are forgiving plants, and will be at their best in bright, indirect light. Allow the soil to dry out completely between watering. As it is a vine, there are a multitude of ways to show off your plant. Young plants can be trained around a metal shape such as a hoop, or you can let them cascade over their pot and let their lovely leaves do the talking. The captivating blooms appear in the warm summer months and can last for two weeks. Their waxy, starry flowers are arranged in a neat umbrella shape, and are often a soft pink or white — a beautiful contrast against the deep green foliage.

Hoyas and other beautiful houseplants are looking lush and beautiful in our Garden Shed. Please stop in and talk about houseplants with us!

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