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Your Baskets Are Ready!

Baskets are ready for pick up. Make an appointment on our website today.

How To Pick Up

If you have pre-ordered a Moss Basket or Super Pot, thank you!

Please book an appointment online to schedule a time to pick them up.

1. Go Online. Scroll to the very bottom of our home page and click the green button at the bottom of the page.  (or click here)

2. Pick a Time Slot. Fill in your information and select a time that works for you. Please book 12 hours before arriving.

3. Check In. When you arrive, check in with a staff member near our new entrance at the very top our parking lot (in front of the Garden Shed). Our goal is to have your baskets nearby and ready to load.

4. Rule of Thumb.  Allow at least 14 days between the time of order, to the date of pick up.  This allows your basket to gain maturity.

We hope you enjoy your beautiful hanging basket, thank you for shopping with us!

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