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Fall container

‘Gilded Autumn’

Squak Mt.’s 2018 Fall Container Recipe


Warm golden tones contrast with deep purple colors to create eye catching beauty as autumn arrives.  Bold and graceful textures bring further interest to this easy to palnt combination container.  The designers at Squak Mt. have created our exclusive container recipe to bring beauty to your home for months to come.  Plants in this design desire partial or full sun locations.  In fall and winter, nearly any spot that is not in deep shade will work well.  This combination will be attractive through winter and into spring.  In late spring you may elect to deconstruct the pot and use components in permantnet garden plantings.

All of the plants in our design are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them.  Size and number of plants can be adapted for any size pot. The quantities in this recipe fit a pot approximately 16”-18” in diameter. Our designers have also pre-planted pots with this design, so that you may take them home complete and ready to enjoy. Join us at Squak Mt. as we assist you in creating beauty in your garden.


  1. Elaeagnus ‘Olive Martini’ – 1 plant – Vibrant sparkly evergreen foliage edged in gold. In the landscape will grow to 8’ tall and wide. Upright shrub. Deer resistant.
  2. Carex ‘Cappucino’ – 1 plant – Tall, elegant, arching green and cinnamon foliage on this evergreen grass. Deer resistant.
  3. Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’ – 1 plant – Deepest purple evergreen foliage with green tinge. Chartreuse flower bracts in May-June. Upright perennial. Deer resistant.
  4. Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ -Bold, scallop shaped, purple-black evergreen foliage. Compact mounding perennial.
  5. Euonymus ‘Emerald and Gold’ – 1 plant – Gold and green evergreen foliage. A mounding slightly spreading shrub to 2’ H x 3’ W.
  6. Pansies – 3 plants – Cheerful blooms bring color despite the cool nights of fall and early spring. Consider blue, purple and white blooms.
  7. Needlepoint Ivy – 2 plants – Rich green pointed evergreen foliage. A trailing groundcover.

Underplant with Crocus – Early blooming, low growing, cup shaped, spring bulbs.  Consider bloom tones of blue, white or yellow.






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