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50 Shades of Cyclamen

Okay, really there are not 50 shades of cyclamen but there are several variations of this flowering tuber in the primrose family. Enjoyed for their lovely blooms and patterned leaves, we offer several species at Squak Mt Nursery throughout the year.


The most popular of all cyclamen are what are typically referred to as Florist cyclamen. These tender perennials are popular during the Christmas season. Come select your favorites in shades of pink, red, and white at Squak Mt. today.


Indoors, florist cyclamen thrive on a cool window sill, giving you prolific blooms for months. Outdoors they can be tucked in a container on a covered porch or deck. Be sure to keep them from freezing temperatures. The easiest way to protect a tender cyclamen from cold damage, is to simply ‘plant’ the plastic pot directly in the soil of your decorative container. Then when a cold snap hits, remove the entire cyclamen (pot and all), and protect the plant indoors.


For indoor cyclamen we recommend watering from the bottom up, placing your pot in a shallow bowl of water and letting the plant absorb from the roots up. Allow the soil to become dry before watering. Cyclamen do not like to be over watered.


There are three types of hardy cyclamen (cold hardy to 0F or below!).

If you are looking for a low maintenance, shade loving and drought tolerant groundcover perennial, then Cyclamen coum is a perfect match. This charming cyclamen’s delicate, small flowers begin to bloom in December and will continue through March. The heart shaped foliage and rosy purple to white flowers add pops of color in shady corners of your yard. Foliage goes dormant each summer, but returns in fall even when planted in dry soil under trees.


Also consider Cyclamen purpurascens, whose purple to rose colored blooms are highly fragrant, emerging in summer.  Foliage on these sturdy plants is nearly evergreen.


Finally, Cyclamen hederifolium is a fall blooming variety with pink flowers in September and October. As winter approaches the flower fades and lovely silver marbled leaves bring gorgeous texture to a shady area of your yard through spring.  Leaves are dormant in summer.


You will find that the hardy cyclamen discussed here are best found at the nursery during their bloom season. Florist cyclamen are here at Squak Mt. today, ready to bring festive color to your holidays!


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