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Win a Kokedama!

Let’s face it: as Pacific Northwesterners, we love green. But we don’t just want to enjoy the lush ferns and fauna outside, we like them inside, too. Let us introduce you to Kokedama, an ancient Japanese art that is seeing a major resurface in today’s modern homes. Adding green to your home décor has never been so fun or easy.

Kokedama is literally Japanese for “moss ball,” and is a way of growing plants outside of the traditional pots. The roots are encased in a ball of clay, and then wrapped in moss and string. They are amazing plant sculptures that are equally fantastic hanging from string or sitting elegantly in a dish.

Creating a kokedama is truly an art, and Betina Simmons-Blaine of @marzipanseattle is a master. We are so excited to be offering her creations of both mossy kokedama, and her “kokebabies,” succulents encased in string. Whether hanging or perched in a favorite vessel, these works of plant art are a conversation starter, and always bring a smile to the face of the beholder.

Intrigued? Visit our instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/squakmtnursery/ to enter to win your own kokedama. Tag a friend, and not only will you receive a lovely mossy masterpiece, but you will also win two spots in our fall kokedama workshop with Betina from http://www.marzipanseattle.com

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