Silk Flowers

Ever since opening the Garden Shed at Squak Mt. in the autumn of 1999, we have carried beautiful silk flowers.  Made of top quality material our silk flowers and botanical stems often are mistaken for the real thing by our customers.  As the seasons change so do our silk flowers. So if you are looking for delphinium stocks, sunflowers or poinsettias, the Garden Shed is your destination for these lovely flowers.

Silk flowers have the ability to add everlasting color and elegance to any room in your house.  Our experienced Garden Shed staff is happy to help you create an arrangement that will add style to your home.  Bring in your own container or vase, or select a new piece from our inventory.

Our designers are available to make silk arrangements at your request.  These have been used to make eye catching arrangements for the home and in weddings and other events.  Visit the Garden Shed today to place your request.  The silk arrangement will be ready for pick up within a few days.