Organics & Soils for Plants

Basic to the health of the garden are the conditions of the soil and the quality of the available nutrients.  We are pleased to offer premium quality organic fertilizers for any plant in your landscape.  Our fertilizer formulations are ideal for our area as the company we partner with, Hendrikus Organics, is based right here in Issaquah.  The fertilizers are certified organic, have terrific effectiveness and make a positive environmental impact as they help you to add life to the soil

For your soil needs, we carry premium quality compost and bark.  Our potting soil is appropriate for use in window boxes, baskets, jardinières and all other containers.  The soil mixture promotes healthy root growth with good drainage, nutrients and added mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi).   Good health supports disease and insect resistance.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Squak Mt Nursery is ready to help you understand plant health needs and will guide you to the appropriate solution.